Fable Legends – E3 2014 Gameplay Trailer

Check out our beautiful gameplay trailer =)

Titanfall DLC Trailer

If the brilliant and addictive gameplay of Titanfall wasn’t enough to have already sold you the DLC pack coming out this month then here is a very exciting trailer for the 3 maps. I can’t wait to try out the forest one- I hope you can climb higher in the trees than the other maps we previously have as this will really change the dimension of the gameplay.

Fru- A Great Idea For A Kinect Game

I love the idea behind Fru and I really hope it makes it to become a full game. It reminds me of the original games that came out for the Sony EyeToy camera when it first came out and what is available on the PS4 today, but I have never really seen any cool games like this using the Kinect on the Xbox and especially the Xbox One. This is a shame as the Kinect is a much more powerful camera and device than what Sony has to offer so the games could be much more complex. If there are games like this out there already then I would love to find them!

Check out the full article over on Joystiq.com.

20 Minute Titan Fall Presentation

I am really looking forward to this game, it was the game that stood out to me the most at E3. It has a definite Halo look and feel to it (and that’s my favourite game series) and yet it has quite different gameplay styles to most FPS due to the wall-running/flying/mech uses.

Go and pre-order a copy right now if you haven’t yet!

Check out the article here over on Kotaku.

Kinect Sports: Rivals Demo With IGN

IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey test out being scanned and the Wave Race in Kinect Sports: Rivals. Remember this game still has months of development time left on it so it will look and play even better when it is released 🙂