If Facebook Was Around During WWII




I wanted to put the whole image up but it was too long for the blog really so click here to see the whole of this brilliant piece over on DamnXD!


Interactive WWII Blitz Bomb Strike Locations Map

Blitz map bombsight_01 bombsight_02


This website is amazing and greatly humbling- many of us are so lucky not to have lived through an atrocity like this in our home towns. With the amount of bombs that landed its amazing that there was anything left of London, and there were many cities around the world that received even more damage.

Have a look for yourself over on BombSight.org (although you might have to refresh a few times as their server is unsurprisingly busy and the page may not load up straight away).

Flying Tanks (1932) And Other Failed Military Inventions


There is an amazing article over on ModernMechanix.com which shows a newspaper article with the latest technology for WWII- Flying Tanks!

Imagine those two formidable weapons of modern warfare, the airplane and the armored tank, combined into one terrible machine of destruction! Fantastic as the idea sounds, it is fast taking physical shape as a reality for Uncle Sam’s army. The whole amazing story is presented to you in this important article.

IS WAR, already made terrible to contemplate by the invention of too-efficient methods of destruction, on the verge of being banished forever by an amazing new weapon so horrible in its possibilities that nations of the world will not dare to risk its fury?

This is the idea conjured up by J. Walter Christie, noted builder of tanks for the U. S. Army, who has been secretly working on the most revolutionary war invention since the discovery of gunpowder—an armored tank which flies as swiftly as a bombing plane, and which, by simply shedding its wings when on the ground, can travel over any terrain with guns blazing at speeds of 70 miles an hour!

Check out the full resolution images and more information on the article over on ModernMechanix.com.

TopTenz.net has more crazy failed military inventions, including the Corkscrew Tank..

And the Russion Tsar Tank: