Free To Play: DOTA 2 Documentary

This documentary from Valve about the professional gaming scene for DOTA 2 is a real eye-opener. From working within the industry and being a big gamer myself I knew that professional gaming was really big, especially in Asia, but I didn’t realise quite how big! Some of the top Chinese players were taken into the Chinese football team’s dressing room before a game to give an inspirational speech and for the football players to meet their heroes, not the other way round like it would be in the West!

Valve Concept Art




Valve obviously has a lot of very talented artists as they continue to make brilliant game after brilliant game. These are some concept art for most of their games which show some interesting developments throughout the design process. It would have been nice to see some even earlier more sketchy pieces but there are still a lot of images to enjoy over on their blog.

Also check out the Kotaku article to see some of their favourites.

Valve Release Character Art Guide

Valve have released a really great document covering many areas of character art and design that can also be used in many other forms of art. It’s a must-read for any artist, even if it just strengthens your knowledge and techniques.

Check out the Character Art Guide PDF on SteamPowered.

They have also released a texturing guide which is worth checking out, also on SteamPowered.


Check out the Dota2 Workshop homepage for more detials on other tutorials over on

Valve ‘Console’ Is Actually Like Google Glass

The rumour of a Valve ‘Console’ that has been floating round for the past couple of weeks is apparently actually a set of glasses, similar to the Google Glass project.

When Michael Abrash started working for Valve, he expected the higher-ups to hand him a pile of work and tell him to hop to it. They didn’t. Instead, he was told to figure out the most valuable thing he could do for the company, and then do it. So, Abrash wound up kicking off an in-house R&D project for wearable computers, and according to a recent blog post, is looking to expand his research team. More than me-too mice and gamepads, indeed. Abrash is quick to put a lid on rumors of “Steam glasses,” however, and warns readers not to expect any big reveals at E3 — this is just an “initial investigation into a very interesting and promising space,” he says, and is more “research than development.” Rearing to give Google’s Project Glass a run for its money? Or maybe you’re just itching for a detailed narrative of employee and employer? Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking at the source link below.

It looks like that market is going to heat up over the next few years as they develop them further!

Check out the original article on Engadget: Valve employee spills the hardware beans: wearable computers, ahoy