The Box Trolls Trailer


Laika, the team behind the amazing films Caroline and Paranorman, are working on a new film called The Box Trolls. This theatrical trailer is the first time I have seen anything about this film and I already love it and cannot wait to see it! If you haven’t seen their other films and enjoy animated films I would really recommend waiting them.

For more information and to check out the latest trailers check out the film’s wonderfully quirky website,

Here is the article from CreativeBloq that introduced me to this film.

Metal Gear Solid- Ground Zeroes Gameplay Trailer

If you are slow like me and haven’t seen this amazing gameplay trailer for the new Metal Gear Solid game then set YouTube to 1080p and watch in awe. This is the best looking gameplay trailer I have seen for a game- for me it pips The Last Of Us E3 trailer (click here), and that takes some doing!