Sleeping Lions

Sorry that I have been very quiet and haven’t posted links in a couple of weeks and my blog has basically been asleep, I have had a very busy time at work and in other things- such as buying a new car and the Xbox One launch. I am very happy to say I will be moving to Lionhead to work on Fable Legends at the end of my contract here at Rare so that will be very exciting!

Also I have been doing some work on a personal project which I will post up some of the progress over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully I should get some more time to post again now.



Reset- Gameplay Trailer

After seeing the announcement teaser trailer for Reset last year I couldn’t wait to see more from this stunningly beautiful game that was created by such a small team in their own game engine. Finally there is more gameplay footage from the game so we can enjoy the stunning visuals and look forward to something that looks a bit like a Last Of Us environment mixed with Portal-style gameplay.

Check out more information in my earlier link, or have a look at the brief Kotaku article here.

Destiny Gameplay Trailer

As I have posted several times before I really cannot wait for Destiny!┬áThe creators of one of my favourite game series, Halo, looks to be doing an amazing job on their next venture to conquer the gaming world. They also announced yesterday that if you pre-order the game then you get BETA testing access, so if you haven’t already then get it pre-ordered now!

Here is the Kotaku article that showed me this video.

The Box Trolls Trailer


Laika, the team behind the amazing films Caroline and Paranorman, are working on a new film called The Box Trolls. This theatrical trailer is the first time I have seen anything about this film and I already love it and cannot wait to see it! If you haven’t seen their other films and enjoy animated films I would really recommend waiting them.

For more information and to check out the latest trailers check out the film’s wonderfully quirky website,

Here is the article from CreativeBloq that introduced me to this film.