Time-Lapse And Slow-Motion Ballet

A pretty interesting video showing a time-lapse of a ballet session with some nice change it speed to show real-time and slow-motion footage of the dancers. It’s a shame they didn’t show more slow-motion of some of the spins and jumps though.

Check out the original article over on PetaPixel.

London To Brighton Train Journey Spanning 60 Years

In 1953 the BBC recorded a time-lapse video of the train journey from London to Brighton, in 1983 they revisited it and recorded it again as a comparison of the changes, in 2013 they have done it again. Its really interesting to see the changes in the landscape and infrastructure during the 60 years, and also the quality of video (even taking into account that the 2013 video looks low quality by today’s standards).

Check out the article over on PetaPixel for more information.

Journey Timelapse Painting



SpoonfishLee has created a timelapse video for his painting of a character from Journey. I love that game (this has reminded me I should have another play-through!) a this is a really pretty image and an interesting video showing how it was made, as well as allowing people to download the brushes he used.

Check out the original image over on his DeviantART page.

And download the brushes here.