How The SNES Rendered Special Effects

This great little video from Did You Know Gaming explains how the 16-bit SNES managed to display some amazing effects that allowed the console to keep up with 32-bit consoles. The Mode 7 chip is pretty well known but it’s nice to hear some more information about it and other chips they used in the cartridges.

Minecraft Clock That Will Run Until The End Of The Universe

This is a stupid idea as the Minecraft servers for it/software/computer hardware will stop/be obsolete within a few decades. But it is also quite a cool idea and the video behind it is quite humbling and reminds you how little time humans have been, and likely will be, around in this universe.

Check out the original Kotaku article here.

History Of Colour In Film And Photography

This is an incredibly informative film about the history of colour in film and photography. Doing art/film degrees teaches you the basics of this but it’s amazing how much you forget and it’s also really interesting to see some of these examples of these ‘firsts’ in colour development in a action.