The Simpsons Pays Homage to Miyazaki’s Films

I love this sequence from the latest Simpsons episode, they pay homage to films such as Spirited Away and Howel’s Moving Castle so well. I need to re-watch through these brilliant films again =)

Here is the Kotaku article that linked me to this video.

Jo Jo In The Stars- Short Animation

This BAFTA winning short animation from studio AKA looks like the character style of Studio Ghibli meets Tim Burton rendering and story. I really liked it, but felt more could have been done with the ending.

Thank you CreativeBloq for the link.

25 Year Celebration Studio Ghibli Concert

Beautiful music from one of the greatest animation studios ever, Studio Ghibli. I have never really listened to video game/film soundtracks before but it is something I am definitely going to try now after hearing this, as well as buying this blu-ray!