Minecraft Clock That Will Run Until The End Of The Universe

This is a stupid idea as the Minecraft servers for it/software/computer hardware will stop/be obsolete within a few decades. But it is also quite a cool idea and the video behind it is quite humbling and reminds you how little time humans have been, and likely will be, around in this universe.

Check out the original Kotaku article here.

Super Hi-Res Moon Video From LRO

This amazing video shows the moon in incredibly high detail, it looks beautiful! The video was created from thousands of photographs taken from NASA’s Lunar Recconaissance Orbiter.

Check out this article on PetaPixel for more details and links to other images.

Shuttle Launch From On-Board Cameras

This is such an awesome way of watching a shuttle launch and to realize how quickly it takes to get into space flying at 3000mph! Also getting to see all the different parts of the shuttle fly off when they are finished with and just float around in space- the footage of that is quite surreal- until they fall back down to Earth.

Check out the article over on PetaPixel.

Watch This Video To Understand Less About The Universe!

This video really is a brain squasher! I knew those theories and understood them fully before but when you think of them and how they do/don’t affect each other and how the can/can’t possibly exist at the same time it really puts into perspective how little we really understand!

And this video continues this theme…

See Saturn Move Like You Have Never Seen It Before

This interesting arty video shows a selection from more than 200.000 pictures taken by the Cassini Spacecraft around Saturn’s Rings in a period between 2004 and 2012. I do enjoy the way it has been edited and set to the music but it would also be nice to see a move sedate version to enjoy the images in more detail a bit easier.

Check out the article over on Peta Pixel that showed me this video.

Earth from Orbit 2012- NASA

http://www.youtube.com/v/sckOSMf-LpY This is a interesting video of Earth from space by NASA which has some really beautiful imagery in it. It would be nice to know more about what some of the images actually show, but even so it is still great to watch.

Earth Never Sleeps- NASA Video

This is an amazing video from NASA putting together images of the Earth at night, its just a shame I cannot find a high-res video to embed here. Check out SkyNews for a decent resolution video.

I love the almost perfectly straight line of fishing ships at 1 minute 31 seconds.