Jose Lopez- Showreels



Jose Lopez has some beautiful work in these two showreels, with great presentation and some really nice ideas. Personally I am not a fan of the yellow material, but apart from that I love the work.

Portfolio Work In Progress Update


Here is some progress on a UDK scene I am currently working on for my portfolio and will hopefully help me find a new job after my redundancy just before Christmas!

This is the concept art that I am taking influence from, which is from Pirates Of The Caribbean- Armada Of The Damned that I found on IGN:


Some Work For Frontier Developments In 2011

I have finally got round to editing together a video of some of the work I did for Frontier Developments in 2011.

In Kinectimals: Now With Bears my main respinsibilities were for all of the grass in the game, making environment models and prop placement.

In Kinect Disneyland Adventures I created buildings in the park, along with space ship traffic in Space Mountain and finishing the Nursery environment in Peter Pan- along with Girish Srinivasagopalan.