The Falcon- Short Animation

The Falcon is a lovely short animation by Scottish Hampton that was cleverly created using old camera parts. I love the strong us of depth of field and the music (which is actually somehow continually looping in the background for me as I write this post on my tablet!).

Check out an article over on PetaPixel for more information.

Jo Jo In The Stars- Short Animation

This BAFTA winning short animation from studio AKA looks like the character style of Studio Ghibli meets Tim Burton rendering and story. I really liked it, but felt more could have been done with the ending.

Thank you CreativeBloq for the link.

Between Beasts- Short Animation

Jesper Eriksson has created a beautiful short film titled Between Beasts. Clearly it has a strong Limbo influence to it, but it has still been made very nicely. It’s a shame about the compression ruining parts of it, even at 1080p, and some of the animation could do with a bit of polish but over all I love it.

Check out the article that linked me to this short film over on Kotaku.

Studio AKA- Love Sport, Game On

I remember seeing an animation called Park Football (see below) by Studio AKA when I was at University and I remembered how amazing it was when I saw these from Studio AKA yesterday.

Check out the rest of them on YouTube here or on here.