Castle Of Illusion- Behind The Scenes Remaking This Classic

I’ve never played this game properly yet but I love World Of Illusion, which was the sequel to this, and spent many hours playing the co-op with my grandparents and uncle during my childhood so I’m sure I will love this game too. It’s interesting listening to the thoughts and processes behind redeveloping this classic Sega Mega Drive game,  but I am torn on the outcome. I love my retro games and would love to see it remastered sticking more to the 2D style,  a bit like the recent Raymond games.

Thank you Edge Online for the link.

When The Xbox 360 Will Be Deemed Retro

I’ve never really considered a time when the Xbox 360 will be considered retro! I really don’t think it will have the same nostalgic appeal as the 8-16bit eras (even though it was the console that my first games were released on!). I think the main reason, as the video points out, will be the fact of the internet services linked to many of the games and online content going offline as it will totally ruin some games- plus the fact that I am not sure the current generation of consoles will still work in 15 years time as they aren’t built like bricks like the old consoles were!

Check out the original Kotaku article.

No Pain, No Game!

(Click ‘CC’ at the bottom of the video for English subtitles)

This is an amazing hack from 2 crazy Frenchmen! It looks like such a stupid idea but it would be fun to try.. I think!

Check out the website for detailed instructions of how to make your own:

English translated version.

Original French version.