Rustclad Anniversary Trailer

I posted about the upcoming game Rustclad a year ago as it is an interesting take on the development process of a game. Everything in the game is physically made/sculpted using traditional techniques. Then these models are scanned into a computer and placed into the game engine to create the world.

The game looks like it is coming on well and I look forward to seeing the final thing.

Check out the Rustclad website for more information.


Skull Theatre’s Rustclad Is Developing Games In A Unique Way

Skull Theatre’s Rustclad has definitely just been added to my watch-list for future games. Instead of making the models in the game using 3D/2D software they are physically making most of the things and then digitally scanning them in, which is an interesting take on the development process. A lot of the textures look too shiny/glossy to me at this stage but over-all it definitely does have a unique style to it and it will be interesting to see the final game.

Check out the article from Kotaku.

Or go directly to their development blog and find out more details for yourself.