Beautiful And Tragic 5 Year Old Gamer’s Grave Stone



This is such a depressing way to appreciate art, but this gravestone is beautiful and hopefully it helps the family to remember their child in the best possible light.

Check out more images and information over in the original Kotaku article.

Anemic Angel- Nightmare Pokemon And Other Brilliant Art



It seems that an easy way to find new brilliant concept artists these days is to look for stylised drawings of Pokemon. Anemic Angel continues to prove that point with these amazingly stylised Pokemon images and the rest of this beautiful art.

Check out more of Anemic Angel’s work over on Instagram.

Credit to Kotaku for showing me this work.

Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Designs


These brilliant images from Vaughn Pinpin of Pokemon created in the style of Tim Burton show the whole Pokemon world in a totally new light! I would love to play a game with this styling, if they created a world a bit like Ni No Kuni or Alice: Madness Returns.

Check out more of these amazing images over on imgur.

Pokemon In Onesies


ItsBirdy, from instagram, has created some lovely, and cute, work from such a simple idea. I really like the style and quality of the drawings.

His talent isn’t limited to just cute Pokemon either, check out some of his other amazing work below:

You can find his instagram page here.


Also check out the article on Kotaku which originally linked me to his work.