Titanfall Xbox One Vs PC Comparison

IGN has done a nice comparison video comparing the graphics in the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall. There are surprisingly very few noticable things- mainly the Xbox One version is darker (could be due to the capturing settings), the shadows are softer and the textures are slightly softer at distance- everything close to the camera looks the same. It makes me feel good that I am not going to be missing out on anything big having the console version 🙂

DayZ Standalone Video Play-Through

I am so excited about this game, but I am waiting until it is in BETA (or final) until I play as it still looks very buggy and I don’t want to ruin my experience of it. But even watching someone play this game is entertaining enough, which is definitely not true about most games!

Antichamber- One Mind-Blowing Game

This game looks amazing and anybody who is a fan of Unfinished Swan, Portal or even Myst would seemingly like it.

Here is a Giant Bomb quick look of it, though I only watched the first 3 minutes of this as I don’t want to see any spoilers and I am already sold on it!

Check out the official website for more info.