Studio AKA- Love Sport, Game On

I remember seeing an animation called Park Football (see below) by Studio AKA when I was at University and I remembered how amazing it was when I saw these from Studio AKA yesterday.

Check out the rest of them on YouTube here or on here.


New York Times Every Olympic Medalist Ever Comparison

The New York Times has written some really interesting articles comparison of every Olympic Medalist ever in the 100m sprint, 100m free-style swimming and long jump. Hopefully they will write more of them come the end of the London 2012 games.

If I can find the new videos on Youtube I will link them, as the sharing option on the New York Times website doesn’t seem to work.

Check out the 100m sprint here.

Check out the 100m free-style swimming here.

Check out the long jump here.

Celebrate The Jubilee And Olympics In Style In 2012

Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics in style in 2012 with this amazing/ghastly celebration Xbox and Kinect bundle! Coming on the 25th May.

In all honesty the Xbox and the Kinect do not look as bad as I expected, but still.. who on Earth would buy this..?

Check out the rest of the details on Engadget: Celebration Pack Xbox 360 drapes itself in Union Jack, sings Rule Britannia.