Mario VFX Video

This is a really well done video and a nice idea. The Mario animations could do with some more work but the tracking, lighting and effects are really good.


All Games Should Have Trailers This Honest!

It would be great if all games had their normal trailers that are generally nothing like the final game and an honest version like this so we can see what we are actually going to get!

Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics

I really enjoyed this abstract homage to the development of video game graphics using just a simple cube. There were some great references in there from the original cube of Pong, the iconic Mario ‘?’ box and Fez, as well as some of my favourite games such as Unfinished Swan.

Check out the original article over on Kotaku.

History Of Jumping In Video Games



Tom Butler has written a great article over on about the history of jumping in video games.¬†One of the most quaint essential gameplay mechanics has an interesting history behind it, some of which I am sure you will know and some parts you will know from playing games but you don’t realise. Make sure you go check it out.