Has Disney Destroyed Star Wars Already?

I am not sure if Disney has destroyed Star Wars already with this new kids game or if it is good that they are opening it up to an even wider audience? Either way I like the trailer- the styling and 3D is good and it looks quite quirky.

Check out Kotaku’s thoughts here.

Valve Concept Art




Valve obviously has a lot of very talented artists as they continue to make brilliant game after brilliant game. These are some concept art for most of their games which show some interesting developments throughout the design process. It would have been nice to see some even earlier more sketchy pieces but there are still a lot of images to enjoy over on their blog.

Also check out the Kotaku article to see some of their favourites.

Miiverse And Wii U Usage Videos

This is a good video showing some of the online functions on the Wii U- it actually looks pretty good- depending on how well they moderate the messages and communities.

I really like the screenshot posting directly from games online for people to reply to- about 7minutes into the video.

But there are some extremely slow parts to it- especially moving between apps and loading games!

theGorgonist- Beautiful Artwork Available In Prints

theGorgonist (AKA Robin Kaplan) is an amazing artist and illustrator that I got linked to from Kotaku’s article: This Artist Makes Even The Horrors Of Silent Hill Look Surprisingly Cute.

I love her art style and the texture  underneath the digital paintwork of some iconic film and game characters. The best thing about the work is that you can buy her prints at a very reasonable price. Some of the selection here are ones which I am going to be buying myself.

Check out more of her work over on Etsy and treat yourself to a piece or two!