20 Minute Titan Fall Presentation

I am really looking forward to this game, it was the game that stood out to me the most at E3. It has a definite Halo look and feel to it (and that’s my favourite game series) and yet it has quite different gameplay styles to most FPS due to the wall-running/flying/mech uses.

Go and pre-order a copy right now if you haven’t yet!

Check out the article here over on Kotaku.

Destiny Gameplay Trailer

As I have posted several times before I really cannot wait for Destiny! The creators of one of my favourite game series, Halo, looks to be doing an amazing job on their next venture to conquer the gaming world. They also announced yesterday that if you pre-order the game then you get BETA testing access, so if you haven’t already then get it pre-ordered now!

Here is the Kotaku article that showed me this video.

Destiny- The Next Big Thing From Bungie




A leaked document has revealed at least some art and the basic story background for the next game from Bungie, the creators of the Halo universe.

The document sent to IGN, and also to Kotaku, says that the game is set on a future Earth where, after a brief colonisation of the stars, humanity has been attacked by aliens and forced back to a single city on our home planet, where we are protected by a large, mysterious spacecraft. Another alien. Only this time it’s a good one.

Players will take the role of what’s basically a space knight, travelling the stars, exploring the worlds and of course fighting the alien menace.

The game is being pitched as a highly social experience, sort of like an MMO, with the universe hoping to appeal to as wide a variety of people.

We received a document earlier this month containing many of the same images visible on IGN, but with a twist; a reader claimed they had found the document on a USB stick left behind in a coffee shop. We refrained from posting them at the time because we weren’t sure how real these images were. Some images seemed like they could be for Bungie’s mysterious game. Others, we’d find, were not. But as we were tracking things down, Bungie confirmed the authenticity of some of the images to IGN.


I’m sure that the final game will be amazing whatever happens and I am excited to see a new universe created by Bungie after what they did with Halo.

You can find out more detailed information from an earlier Kotaku article here.