John Liberto- Concept Art


John Liberto is a very talented concept artist who has created some amazing images for Halo 4 at 343 Industries.

His work was recommended to me by the great website

Check out more of his work over on his website.

Halo 4 Environment Art Breakdown



There is an amazing thread over on Polycount: The Environment Art Of Halo 4. There are some lovely screenshots from the game along with some of the models and details of some of the development behind parts of the game.

Halo 4’s Amazing Cinematics

One of the main things I really disliked about Bungie’s Halo games is that the in-game cut-scenes and cinematics always looked really poor, 343 Industries has changed that in a big way with some amazing pre-rendered cinematics and the in-game cut-scenes also look really good.

Personally I am not a fan of some of the facial animation, it looks a bit weird to me, but many people at work really love it.

There is a great article on Eurogamer about the visuals in Halo 4, talking about the 720p resolution, anti-aliasing, etc.

Halo 4 Reviews

IGN- 9.8

  • +Astounding aesthetic, AI, presentation
  • +Unbeatable sound design
  • +Impeccably paced campaign
  • +Endless, balanced multiplayer
  • +Still-unmatched social multiplayer options

GameSpot- 9

The Good

  • Engrossing, emotional story
  • Stellar combat mechanics
  • Attractive environments, charismatic characters, and exceptional soundtrack
  • Greater diversity in competitive multiplayer
  • Powerful creation and customization tools.

The Bad

  • Spartan Ops missions are too fleeting.

Eurogamer- 8

Halo 4 is authentic, and assures 343’s role is more than a mere tribute act. Their delicate yet sprawling work may be more continuation than true expansion – and perhaps the true test comes in the next step – but for now, Halo returns with a bang, not a whimper.

Check out the pre-order bonuses you get from different stores here.

There is a multiplayer live video (but is on demand now) from Major Nelson at 343 Industries.

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