Fable Legends Gameplay- Recorded From An E3 Show Floor Screen

This video shows some of the gameplay from Fable Legends from the E3 show floor- its been recorded off of a monitor so the quality is bad but you get to see more of what the game is like- just imagine it looking and sounding 100x better 🙂

(This isn’t the whole level, it stops about 1/2 way through)


Reset- Gameplay Trailer

After seeing the announcement teaser trailer for Reset last year I couldn’t wait to see more from this stunningly beautiful game that was created by such a small team in their own game engine. Finally there is more gameplay footage from the game so we can enjoy the stunning visuals and look forward to something that looks a bit like a Last Of Us environment mixed with Portal-style gameplay.

Check out more information in my earlier link, or have a look at the brief Kotaku article here.

Metal Gear Solid- Ground Zeroes Gameplay Trailer

If you are slow like me and haven’t seen this amazing gameplay trailer for the new Metal Gear Solid game then set YouTube to 1080p and watch in awe. This is the best looking gameplay trailer I have seen for a game- for me it pips The Last Of Us E3 trailer (click here), and that takes some doing!