Marc Simonetti’s Game Of Thrones Concept Art



I am really bad at opening tabs in Chrome to ‘have a look later’ and then not getting round to looking at them for months, here is a great example! I’ve had the tab for these brillaint concept art images open for a month and I have finally got round to looking at it properly!

Marc Simonetti is an talented concept artist who has created his vision of the world of Game Of Thrones, and damn it is pretty!

Check out more of Simonetti’s work over on his website.

Check out the original article over on Kotaku.

Game Of Thrones VFX Comparison Shots



Kotaku has collected together some interesting comparison images from Game Of Thrones and the real-world locations they were shot at. I’m actually shocked there is as little VFX in simple shots like these are there is, I expected that they would have had to create a lot more of the world in 3D.

Check out more of the images over on Kotaku.

Game Of Thrones + Minecraft = More Computer Game Wizardry

I really don’t know how people manage to pull off things like this in such amazing detail, and they definitely have too much time on their hands!

These videos amaze me just as much as the Final Fantasy Minecraft video I posted a few weeks back.

Check out more videos and more information over on Kotaku: The Game Of Thrones Minecraft Project is getting more and more spectacular