The Box Trolls Trailer


Laika, the team behind the amazing films Caroline and Paranorman, are working on a new film called The Box Trolls. This theatrical trailer is the first time I have seen anything about this film and I already love it and cannot wait to see it! If you haven’t seen their other films and enjoy animated films I would really recommend waiting them.

For more information and to check out the latest trailers check out the film’s wonderfully quirky website,

Here is the article from CreativeBloq that introduced me to this film.

Cosplay Kids



There are some amazing photos of people who have spend insane amounts of time making their cosplay costumes, but now it has been taken a step further with them dressing up their kids! Some of them are really good, some are cute and some I don’t know who they are meant to be- so I assume they are bad?!

Check out more of these cosplay kids over on Tumblr.

Ultra-Realistic Skin Simulation- See Every Pore

Ghosh and Paul Debevec from the University Of Southern California have developed a technique of scanning and simulating light reflections of human skin allowing them to simulate people’s skin down to the scale of 10 micrometres- each skin cell has about 3 pixels on screen. These are then saved into multiple massive 16k x 16k pixel displacement maps (to put that into context in games its common to use a couple of 4k maps for the WHOLE character) to allow them to show this amazing level of detail.

Check out the really interesting article over on for much more detail!

Has Disney Destroyed Star Wars Already?

I am not sure if Disney has destroyed Star Wars already with this new kids game or if it is good that they are opening it up to an even wider audience? Either way I like the trailer- the styling and 3D is good and it looks quite quirky.

Check out Kotaku’s thoughts here.

66 Behind The Scenes Images From The Empire Strikes Back



JoinYouInTheSun has created an album on imgur that is an interesting and fun look at some of the behind the scenes action of The Empire Strikes Back. Carrie Fisher looks like a right laugh, I bet she would have been fun to work with!

Go and check out the full album for many more great images!