Titanfall DLC Trailer

If the brilliant and addictive gameplay of Titanfall wasn’t enough to have already sold you the DLC pack coming out this month then here is a very exciting trailer for the 3 maps. I can’t wait to try out the forest one- I hope you can climb higher in the trees than the other maps we previously have as this will really change the dimension of the gameplay.

Battlefield 4 Digital Easter Egg Hunt

I don’t play Battlefield but I saw this interesting video explaining some hidden clues that people found and worked with to solve an easter egg in the most recent Battlefield 4 DLC and the whole process looked really fun! It reminded me of playing Myst and all of the crazy puzzles you have to work out in that. I wish more games would have elaborate easter eggs in like this one as it adds much more depth and interest into the game- there were some crazy puzzles in Fez as well!