Disney’s Paperman

I was really looking forward to watching this brilliant short animation from Disney when I saw the VFX breakdown they did a year ago (almost to the day strangely enough!). I randomly remembered about it today and just watched it and it was definitely worth the wait 🙂

Here is the VFX breakdown, to save you having to go to my other post:

Castle Of Illusion- Behind The Scenes Remaking This Classic

I’ve never played this game properly yet but I love World Of Illusion, which was the sequel to this, and spent many hours playing the co-op with my grandparents and uncle during my childhood so I’m sure I will love this game too. It’s interesting listening to the thoughts and processes behind redeveloping this classic Sega Mega Drive game,  but I am torn on the outcome. I love my retro games and would love to see it remastered sticking more to the 2D style,  a bit like the recent Raymond games.

Thank you Edge Online for the link.