When The Xbox 360 Will Be Deemed Retro

I’ve never really considered a time when the Xbox 360 will be considered retro! I really don’t think it will have the same nostalgic appeal as the 8-16bit eras (even though it was the console that my first games were released on!). I think the main reason, as the video points out, will be the fact of the internet services linked to many of the games and online content going offline as it will totally ruin some games- plus the fact that I am not sure the current generation of consoles will still work in 15 years time as they aren’t built like bricks like the old consoles were!

Check out the original Kotaku article.

Destiny- The Next Big Thing From Bungie




A leaked document has revealed at least some art and the basic story background for the next game from Bungie, the creators of the Halo universe.

The document sent to IGN, and also to Kotaku, says that the game is set on a future Earth where, after a brief colonisation of the stars, humanity has been attacked by aliens and forced back to a single city on our home planet, where we are protected by a large, mysterious spacecraft. Another alien. Only this time it’s a good one.

Players will take the role of what’s basically a space knight, travelling the stars, exploring the worlds and of course fighting the alien menace.

The game is being pitched as a highly social experience, sort of like an MMO, with the universe hoping to appeal to as wide a variety of people.

We received a document earlier this month containing many of the same images visible on IGN, but with a twist; a reader claimed they had found the document on a USB stick left behind in a coffee shop. We refrained from posting them at the time because we weren’t sure how real these images were. Some images seemed like they could be for Bungie’s mysterious game. Others, we’d find, were not. But as we were tracking things down, Bungie confirmed the authenticity of some of the images to IGN.


I’m sure that the final game will be amazing whatever happens and I am excited to see a new universe created by Bungie after what they did with Halo.

You can find out more detailed information from an earlier Kotaku article here.

Halo 4’s Amazing Cinematics

One of the main things I really disliked about Bungie’s Halo games is that the in-game cut-scenes and cinematics always looked really poor, 343 Industries has changed that in a big way with some amazing pre-rendered cinematics and the in-game cut-scenes also look really good.

Personally I am not a fan of some of the facial animation, it looks a bit weird to me, but many people at work really love it.

There is a great article on Eurogamer about the visuals in Halo 4, talking about the 720p resolution, anti-aliasing, etc.