Arnaud Valette- Stunning Concept Art


These amazing pieces of concept art are from Arnaud Valette. There are some stunningly realistic images here and some inspirational ideas as well.

Check out Valette’s website to see more of his stunning work.

Here is the original the Kotaku article.

Substance Painter- Painting With Particles

The potential for the Substance Painter program is immense, painting wear and different effects using real-time particles would seriously speed up photorealistic pipelines and I’m sure you could get some great results for stylised art too. Let’s just hope you don’t have to have an insanely specced GPU to run it at a decent speed! Can’t wait to test it out.

A Brilliant Collaboration Between An Artist And A 4 Year Old



Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks had a brilliantly creative idea by letting her 4 year old daughter draw the bodies onto the head portraits she had drawn. Here are some of the amazing results.

Check out the article over on for more images.

Rayman: Legends

So I finished the amazing and beautiful Rayman: Legends over the weekend, and my god the final bonus levels of that game are incredibly hard! There are 6 of the levels remixed and timed to music (so every jump and hit you do makes a sound which is amazing) but there are loads of crazy effects going on too. ¬†Overall the game is the best looking game I’ve ever played, with only Rayman: Origins coming close to it!, and the sound track is incredible! The way the levels are designed to be timed to the music and the way certain things act as notes/trigger sounds is amazing.

I definitely recommend people to play it- it’s possibly the best platformer ever (?) and definitely one of the best looking games you will ever play!

This is the final level of the game (it’s not a spoiler really as there is no proper storyline or anything so nothing is given away). And yes this is a direct record from what happens on screen, it isn’t a 13 year old kid playing about with Premier filters trying to make a ‘remix’ music video compilation of the game:

I found this to be the hardest level and it took so many tries to complete, though it actually looks sharper and easier to play in this video than on my TV for some reason:

Anemic Angel- Nightmare Pokemon And Other Brilliant Art



It seems that an easy way to find new brilliant concept artists these days is to look for stylised drawings of Pokemon. Anemic Angel continues to prove that point with these amazingly stylised Pokemon images and the rest of this beautiful art.

Check out more of Anemic Angel’s work over on Instagram.

Credit to Kotaku for showing me this work.

Characters Like You Have Never Seen Them Before



Coran Stone has created some brilliant art recreating your favorite characters as seen in a new light. As well as the ideas being great the actual art and final compositions are amazing.

Check out more of Stone’s work over DeviantArt.

Here is the CreativeVisualArt article that introduced me to Stone’s work.

Real-Life Character References For Disney



Disney used a lot of footage of real-life actors as reference for their animated films, even using them to trace over animations in some cases. Some of these live-action and final animation shots have been Photoshopped into images to show the similarities side-by-side.

They also referenced their own animated films when creating ‘new’ ones, with some of the scenes looking almost identicle you can see that they traced over many of the elements to quickly sketch out the initial scene.

I saw these images in a really interesting article over on where there are many more images and more detailed information. Head over there to read this great article for yourself.