dDo- Seemingly Amazing Texturing Tool

I want to know what the catch is with the dDo Photoshop plug-in (aside from the price)? It seems to do an amazing amount of texturing work for you, instantly, with tons of customizable options.. How can it be so good? There has to be a catch, otherwise everybody will be using it in the very near future! I will have to check it out when I get a chance.

Check out the Quixel website for more details.

LazyNezumi- ZBrush’s LazyMouse For Photoshop

For all you Photoshop (and apparently many other programs) and ZBrush fans out there enjoy this lovely plug in.

My program is called LazyNezumi, and while it doesn’t behave exactly the same way as LazyMouse, I think it’s pretty close. It binds itself to windows of desired drawing applications, and modifies the mouse/pen cursor position when it is enabled. This allows fun things like cursor movement smoothing, lagged drawing, and random noise.

Check out the full page: LazyNezumi

Direct Download