Time-Lapse And Slow-Motion Ballet

A pretty interesting video showing a time-lapse of a ballet session with some nice change it speed to show real-time and slow-motion footage of the dancers. It’s a shame they didn’t show more slow-motion of some of the spins and jumps though.

Check out the original article over on PetaPixel.

Mind-Blowing Perspective

This video shows the tricks that can be played with perspective with some pretty mind-blowing results!

It reminds me of an episode of QI that gets you every time (it’s just a shame the video is at such low resolution):

Check out the article over on PetaPixel.

31 Awesome Abandoned Places



I, along with most creative and imaginative people, love interesting pictures of abandoned places. Seeing amazing images like these immediately makes you wonder; what happened, why did people leave, what was life like before they were abandoned?

Check out more of these brilliant photographs over on BoredPanda.com.

Socotra Island- Another World!



There are some crazy plants in the natural world that are totally different from what we are accustomed to in UK (and most of the rest of the world!).

Check out BinsCorner for loads more photographs and lots of interesting information about this amazing place!