Fable Legends Gameplay- Recorded From An E3 Show Floor Screen

This video shows some of the gameplay from Fable Legends from the E3 show floor- its been recorded off of a monitor so the quality is bad but you get to see more of what the game is like- just imagine it looking and sounding 100x better 🙂

(This isn’t the whole level, it stops about 1/2 way through)

Fable Legends Previews


Here are some of the early reviews from people who have played the game at E3:


Lionhead’s upcoming Fable Legends is letting you take on the role of the villain as well as the hero. I’ll confess that I’m not the biggest Fable fan out there, but its Villain mode is a very different beast to the traditional Fable fare. That’s not to say its regular third-person combat isn’t enjoyable. Indeed, playing as the ranged character Rook, I had some fun taking on monsters with his ranged arrow attacks, and blowing them up with his explosive bolt ability while trying to co-ordinate with my co-op chums…

This is the most impressed I’ve been with a Fable game in ages, and I’ll certainly be hitting up Xbox Live when the multiplayer beta launches on the Xbox One this holiday.



 Personally, Fable Legends was not only one of the best surprises of E3 for me so far, it was also, hands down, one of the most fun experiences…

I wandered in with my team, making note of the huge amount of games being represented before I randomly selected the upcoming multiplayer title as our first victim of the day.  My expectations weren’t especially lofty, but I soon found myself enjoying myself almost too much, even though I was getting slaughtered without mercy (by a coworker no less!)…

The game was a great start to the day. It was new, it was fun, it was invigorating, it was challenging; and regardless of the inevitable loss screen, I can’t wait for the rematch.



Fable Legends is one of those games that doesn’t quite make sense until you get your hands on it. Fable is such an intrinsically single-player experience for a lot of us that imagining it as a co-op action game requires some mental gymnastics. Once I had a controller in my hands and four other people around me, though, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works. A four-player arena combat game might not sound much like Fable, but its fairytale artistic direction, humour and good-natured sense of fun scream Fable with every breath. It’s Fable meets Dungeon Keeper, essentially…

Lionhead has made a fun game, here, but one that relies entirely on groups of players bothering to make the most of it…

I wasn’t convinced that Fable Legends would work. It’s based entirely around combat, after all, and I don’t think you’d find many people who thought that the combat was the best thing about Fable. But Legends’ combat is almost unrecognisable, entirely rebuilt around the idea of co-op, and meanwhile the things that were already great about Fable are here too: the lush green forests and tumbledown towns and spooky ruins of Albion, the characterful dialogue and personality, the fairytale ambience. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t entirely expecting it to already be fun at this early stage, but I’m impressed by how well it’s coming together.



While the studio appears to be taking its influence from the reams of successful free-to-play multiplayer companies, the likes of which include Riot Games, its design tactics are unlike traditional multiplayer. Lionhead is adopting what the company is calling asymmetrical design. The developer is combining co-operative and competitive play by putting one player in the role of the villain, while the remaining four players work together to bypass bombs, enemy NPCs, and other tactics deployed by that villain character. As a result, no one game is the same and players have the autonomy to win a game based on making their own independent plays in a single match.

Check out the Fable Legends website for more information on the game and to sign up to the free Beta! I will see you in the world of Albion whilst we fight the Villain!


Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason International Championships

Polygon.com has an article about the news that the Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason free demo will host an International Championships with the winners receiving in-game prizes:

Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason will feature a wake racing contest worldwide as part of its Preseason International Championship, according to a post on Xbox Wire.

Beginning Feb. 1, Preseason players can compete to set the best race time for both in-game national and international leaderboards.

The challenge concludes Feb. 28. The world champion winner will receive an in-game gold-encrusted wake racer, while individual country winners will receive the title of national champion and a silver wake racer. Participants from the home of the world champion winner will also receive a wake racer decorated with the country’s flag.

Those interested in participating must download the Kinect Sports Rivals hub companion app, as well as the Preseason demo. For more on Kinect Sports Rivals, read our hands-on impressions and interview with executive producer Danny Isaac.

Originally announced as an Xbox One launch title, Kinect Sports Rivals was later delayed to Spring 2014. Microsoft released Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason, a free demo, on Nov. 22.


Sleeping Lions

Sorry that I have been very quiet and haven’t posted links in a couple of weeks and my blog has basically been asleep, I have had a very busy time at work and in other things- such as buying a new car and the Xbox One launch. I am very happy to say I will be moving to Lionhead to work on Fable Legends at the end of my contract here at Rare so that will be very exciting!

Also I have been doing some work on a personal project which I will post up some of the progress over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully I should get some more time to post again now.