Infiltrator- Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo

This is an amazing tech demo for the up-coming Unreal Engine 4. I cannot wait for the UDK to be updated to use the UE4 engine with better lighting, reflections, tessellation, etc! Please release it soon Epic, we can’t wait much longer!

Cyril Tahmassebi

I love the concept art images created by Cyril Tahmassebi, they have such a great style to them and the compositions are awesome. I have been looking at trees and wood for some personal 3D work I am doing- shock horror, I might actually post up some new work soon!- and the trees in these images are amazing. The depth, the varying amounts of detail being shown and the colours are really inspiring.

Check out more work over on

The Last Of Us E3 Gameplay

How is it even possible to get a game looking as good as Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us on this generation of games consoles?! This gameplay footage from E3 is by far the best looking game I have ever seen and it still doesn’t even use tessellation or other DirectX 11 features! Simply incredible.