Documentary About Drifting In Japan

If you like cars, drifting or want to see another side of Japan definitely give this a watch!
It starts off about some of the car specifications and showing you some of Japan but then you get to see some awesome drifting at tracks, with the last one being incredible with 3 cars drifting round corners centimetres away from each other!

Got to thank my friend for this link!

The Simpsons Pays Homage to Miyazaki’s Films

I love this sequence from the latest Simpsons episode, they pay homage to films such as Spirited Away and Howel’s Moving Castle so well. I need to re-watch through these brilliant films again =)

Here is the Kotaku article that linked me to this video.

Time-Lapse And Slow-Motion Ballet

A pretty interesting video showing a time-lapse of a ballet session with some nice change it speed to show real-time and slow-motion footage of the dancers. It’s a shame they didn’t show more slow-motion of some of the spins and jumps though.

Check out the original article over on PetaPixel.

Mind-Blowing Perspective

This video shows the tricks that can be played with perspective with some pretty mind-blowing results!

It reminds me of an episode of QI that gets you every time (it’s just a shame the video is at such low resolution):

Check out the article over on PetaPixel.

Disney’s Paperman

I was really looking forward to watching this brilliant short animation from Disney when I saw the VFX breakdown they did a year ago (almost to the day strangely enough!). I randomly remembered about it today and just watched it and it was definitely worth the wait 🙂

Here is the VFX breakdown, to save you having to go to my other post:

The Falcon- Short Animation

The Falcon is a lovely short animation by Scottish Hampton that was cleverly created using old camera parts. I love the strong us of depth of field and the music (which is actually somehow continually looping in the background for me as I write this post on my tablet!).

Check out an article over on PetaPixel for more information.