Arnaud Valette- Stunning Concept Art


These amazing pieces of concept art are from Arnaud Valette. There are some stunningly realistic images here and some inspirational ideas as well.

Check out Valette’s website to see more of his stunning work.

Here is the original the Kotaku article.

31 Awesome Abandoned Places



I, along with most creative and imaginative people, love interesting pictures of abandoned places. Seeing amazing images like these immediately makes you wonder; what happened, why did people leave, what was life like before they were abandoned?

Check out more of these brilliant photographs over on

Marc Simonetti’s Game Of Thrones Concept Art



I am really bad at opening tabs in Chrome to ‘have a look later’ and then not getting round to looking at them for months, here is a great example! I’ve had the tab for these brillaint concept art images open for a month and I have finally got round to looking at it properly!

Marc Simonetti is an talented concept artist who has created his vision of the world of Game Of Thrones, and damn it is pretty!

Check out more of Simonetti’s work over on his website.

Check out the original article over on Kotaku.

Anemic Angel- Nightmare Pokemon And Other Brilliant Art



It seems that an easy way to find new brilliant concept artists these days is to look for stylised drawings of Pokemon. Anemic Angel continues to prove that point with these amazingly stylised Pokemon images and the rest of this beautiful art.

Check out more of Anemic Angel’s work over on Instagram.

Credit to Kotaku for showing me this work.

Rodrigo Ribeiro- Character Concept Art



These are some concept art images created by Rodrigo Ribeiro for game that sadly got cancelled. I do love the style of them and the costumes they wear- I wonder is that was just for aesthetics or if they would have different affects/abilities on the characters? I guess we will never know.

Check out more of these wonderful images over on ConceptArtWorld.

Check out more of Ribeiro’s work on his blogspot.

Characters Like You Have Never Seen Them Before



Coran Stone has created some brilliant art recreating your favorite characters as seen in a new light. As well as the ideas being great the actual art and final compositions are amazing.

Check out more of Stone’s work over DeviantArt.

Here is the CreativeVisualArt article that introduced me to Stone’s work.