Project Cars Gameplay Trailer

Forza 5 looks great on my Xbox One but this gameplay trailer from Project Cars looks insane and properly next-gen! It would be great to see them running the same car on the same track side by side without all the fancy camera edits to see the actual difference.


33 Incredible Natural Places


There truly are some amazingly beautiful places around the world, image if you had the opportunity to see them all!

Check out all of the amazing photographs here.

Battlefield 4 Digital Easter Egg Hunt

I don’t play Battlefield but I saw this interesting video explaining some hidden clues that people found and worked with to solve an easter egg in the most recent Battlefield 4 DLC and the whole process looked really fun! It reminded me of playing Myst and all of the crazy puzzles you have to work out in that. I wish more games would have elaborate easter eggs in like this one as it adds much more depth and interest into the game- there were some crazy puzzles in Fez as well!

Most Amazing RPG Character Customisation Tool

This character customisation/creation tool for Black Desert is mind-blowing! It would be amazing to play an MMORPG with all of the massively varied characters such as this.

The trailer for the game is pretty cool as well:

Check out the website for the game here.