How The SNES Rendered Special Effects

This great little video from Did You Know Gaming explains how the 16-bit SNES managed to display some amazing effects that allowed the console to keep up with 32-bit consoles. The Mode 7 chip is pretty well known but it’s nice to hear some more information about it and other chips they used in the cartridges.

Free To Play: DOTA 2 Documentary

This documentary from Valve about the professional gaming scene for DOTA 2 is a real eye-opener. From working within the industry and being a big gamer myself I knew that professional gaming was really big, especially in Asia, but I didn’t realise quite how big! Some of the top Chinese players were taken into the Chinese football team’s dressing room before a game to give an inspirational speech and for the football players to meet their heroes, not the other way round like it would be in the West!

Unreal Engine 4 Released!



Epic has released the amazing Unreal Engine 4 so you can now download it today and harness the amazing power of the engine and enjoy the fun I get to have every day using it on Fable Legends! 🙂

It costs $20 a month which includes the full engine, not the restricted version that was previously available in UDK from UE3, and full support which is very good value if you consider the price of most art/graphics programs these days!

Check out their website and join in the fun!

Titanfall Xbox One Vs PC Comparison

IGN has done a nice comparison video comparing the graphics in the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall. There are surprisingly very few noticable things- mainly the Xbox One version is darker (could be due to the capturing settings), the shadows are softer and the textures are slightly softer at distance- everything close to the camera looks the same. It makes me feel good that I am not going to be missing out on anything big having the console version 🙂