Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason International Championships has an article about the news that the Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason free demo will host an International Championships with the winners receiving in-game prizes:

Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason will feature a wake racing contest worldwide as part of its Preseason International Championship, according to a post on Xbox Wire.

Beginning Feb. 1, Preseason players can compete to set the best race time for both in-game national and international leaderboards.

The challenge concludes Feb. 28. The world champion winner will receive an in-game gold-encrusted wake racer, while individual country winners will receive the title of national champion and a silver wake racer. Participants from the home of the world champion winner will also receive a wake racer decorated with the country’s flag.

Those interested in participating must download the Kinect Sports Rivals hub companion app, as well as the Preseason demo. For more on Kinect Sports Rivals, read our hands-on impressions and interview with executive producer Danny Isaac.

Originally announced as an Xbox One launch title, Kinect Sports Rivals was later delayed to Spring 2014. Microsoft released Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason, a free demo, on Nov. 22.


History Of Jumping In Video Games



Tom Butler has written a great article over on about the history of jumping in video games. One of the most quaint essential gameplay mechanics has an interesting history behind it, some of which I am sure you will know and some parts you will know from playing games but you don’t realise. Make sure you go check it out.

Retro World Game

Unfortunately Retro World failed to get funding through Kickstarter, I don’t know why it only got $5000 as it looks like a brilliant game to me with a great art style!

On the game’s website,, it says the game is still being made so lets hope we see this great looking game in the near future!

6 Insane Historical Coincidences

This great article on covers 6 historical events that have amazing coincidences.

On of them is when author Morgan Robertson wrote a book about a ship called the Titan which mirrored the events of the Titanic, but he wrote it 14 years before the real one was even built. It’s not too far fetched to believe someone thought of the idea of a massive unsinkable ship that sinks on its maiden voyage, but when you consider that Robertson wrote that the Titan crashed into an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland at 25 knots, the Titanic actually crashed into an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland at 22.5 knots..! There are other coincidences to the story as well that I won’t steal and ruin on here!

Check out the article over on for all of the amazing details.