Sleeping Lions

Sorry that I have been very quiet and haven’t posted links in a couple of weeks and my blog has basically been asleep, I have had a very busy time at work and in other things- such as buying a new car and the Xbox One launch. I am very happy to say I will be moving to Lionhead to work on Fable Legends at the end of my contract here at Rare so that will be very exciting!

Also I have been doing some work on a personal project which I will post up some of the progress over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully I should get some more time to post again now.


4 responses to “Sleeping Lions

    • FiestaST_01

      Here she is. A Fiesta ST, so she’s pretty quick! That’s her parked at Rare, but the misty conditions don’t show off her paint properly- it’s pearlescent so in the sun she glows orange 🙂

    • Yeah every single review of it that I have read loves it and Top Gear says it’s a car we will look back on in 20 years and it will still be a classic so it should be good! You have to drive new cars very carefully for the first 1000 miles though and as this is brand new I’m only up to 250 miles so I haven’t been able to open the throttle properly yet. Will be a nice Christmas present when I get to the 1000 mile mark!

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