Call Of Duty: Ghosts ‘Reuses’ Modern Warfare 2 Ending


I’ve never liked the genericness and blandness of COD and haven’t bought one of them since the Xbox 360 launch title COD2, but I got linked this video showing Call Of Duty: Ghosts ‘Reusing’ Modern Warfare 2’s ending.

There is a lot of hate out there about this and some people think its a joke/rip-off to use this and they just want to push the next game out of the door quickly and easily, or it may be a good Easter Egg.

But in reality how much of it is actually being reused? The character is a new model, the helicopter is new, new lighting, texturing and VFX. Even the animation is probably new as I would assume the new rigs are much more detailed and thus would likely have to have large parts reanimated. So the only thing that could really be reused without touching are the storyboards and maybe camera move?

Films ‘reuse’ parts from other films all the time, but that’s normally referred to as ‘homage’, so why is this different when they probably had to do quite a bit of work to redo this ending, is this not a homage too?



I have just been told that the video on the right is the new game, so I completely retract my statement! I think the one on the left looks sharper, better lighting and overall better than the right one which looks like a grey blurry mess..! But then this whole post probably sums up why I don’t buy COD games!


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