Rayman: Legends

So I finished the amazing and beautiful Rayman: Legends over the weekend, and my god the final bonus levels of that game are incredibly hard! There are 6 of the levels remixed and timed to music (so every jump and hit you do makes a sound which is amazing) but there are loads of crazy effects going on too.  Overall the game is the best looking game I’ve ever played, with only Rayman: Origins coming close to it!, and the sound track is incredible! The way the levels are designed to be timed to the music and the way certain things act as notes/trigger sounds is amazing.

I definitely recommend people to play it- it’s possibly the best platformer ever (?) and definitely one of the best looking games you will ever play!

This is the final level of the game (it’s not a spoiler really as there is no proper storyline or anything so nothing is given away). And yes this is a direct record from what happens on screen, it isn’t a 13 year old kid playing about with Premier filters trying to make a ‘remix’ music video compilation of the game:

I found this to be the hardest level and it took so many tries to complete, though it actually looks sharper and easier to play in this video than on my TV for some reason:


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