Colourized Black And White Photographs



I absolutely love these old black and white photographs that have had colour added to them buy some really talented artists.

There’s an awesome little subreddit that has been getting a lot of press coverage as of late. It’s called ColorizedHistory, and is a 20,000+ person strong community of “Amateur Historians” who are interested in the idea of creating high quality colorized versions of historical black-and-white photographs.

Unlike many other subreddits, this community is quite exclusive when it comes to submitted content. It’s not open to new contributors, and only a select number of Photoshop gurus on an approved list of submitters are allowed to submit colorized works. The rest of the community follows, enjoys, and comments on these pieces.

The colorized photographs themselves are from different eras in history. Some were created using old tintypes from the mid-1800s. Others are more recent, showing B&W scenes captured just decades ago.

All of them are the result of hours of careful editing by professional and amateur Photoshoppers who have both an eye for color and a desire to see what historical images would look like today if color photography had existed in past ages.

Check out this great article over on PetaPixel for more details and more of these amazing images.


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