Photorealistic Human Sculptures (Some Images May Disturb)

photorealistic sculptures

Please be warned, some of the images at the bottom of this post and shots in the video might be disturbing for some people.



Sam Jinks is one incredibly talented artist and he has made this photorealistic human scultures look astonishingly real, so much so that they are extremely creepy when you see the hair move and the camera pans in the video…

On my blog somewhere there are some more amazing sculptures with this amount of detail of people from some remote tribe- but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the article so I cannot link you to it! If anybody finds them please let me know, as my tags were really lax when I started my blog!

Check out more of Sam Jinks’ amazing work over on his website.

Here is the Kotaku article that linked me to this amazing work.









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