London To Brighton Train Journey Spanning 60 Years

In 1953 the BBC recorded a time-lapse video of the train journey from London to Brighton, in 1983 they revisited it and recorded it again as a comparison of the changes, in 2013 they have done it again. Its really interesting to see the changes in the landscape and infrastructure during the 60 years, and also the quality of video (even taking into account that the 2013 video looks low quality by today’s standards).

Check out the article over on PetaPixel for more information.

Creating An Awesome Image Using Photoshop

For those of you who do not have much experience of Photoshop or the magical powers it posses then this short video gives a good overall feel of what can be done in separate stages. For those of you who know this brilliant program its still interesting to see how brilliant images are created.

Check out the PetaPixel article for more information.

Colourized Black And White Photographs



I absolutely love these old black and white photographs that have had colour added to them buy some really talented artists.

There’s an awesome little subreddit that has been getting a lot of press coverage as of late. It’s called ColorizedHistory, and is a 20,000+ person strong community of “Amateur Historians” who are interested in the idea of creating high quality colorized versions of historical black-and-white photographs.

Unlike many other subreddits, this community is quite exclusive when it comes to submitted content. It’s not open to new contributors, and only a select number of Photoshop gurus on an approved list of submitters are allowed to submit colorized works. The rest of the community follows, enjoys, and comments on these pieces.

The colorized photographs themselves are from different eras in history. Some were created using old tintypes from the mid-1800s. Others are more recent, showing B&W scenes captured just decades ago.

All of them are the result of hours of careful editing by professional and amateur Photoshoppers who have both an eye for color and a desire to see what historical images would look like today if color photography had existed in past ages.

Check out this great article over on PetaPixel for more details and more of these amazing images.

40 World Maps That Will Blow Your Mind

literal-map-of-europe-by-chinese-name has a brilliant article containing 40 different World Maps that will completely blow your mind with the different stats and facts. The one that shocked me the most was the one about more people living within the circle (which is located mainly around China) than live in the rest of the world!

Check out the rest of these brilliant maps in the original article.

Kinect Sports: Rivals Demo With IGN

IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey test out being scanned and the Wave Race in Kinect Sports: Rivals. Remember this game still has months of development time left on it so it will look and play even better when it is released 🙂

Kinect Sports: Rivals Champions- Real People Scanned In



At Gamescom the public can try out the amazing scanning Champion creation feature from Kinect Sports: Rivals. These are some of the people who have been scanned in using the Kinect. Can see some of my work in the background too- the grass, I worked on many of the boats, plants and rocks too. 🙂

Check out the @KSRivals Twitter feed to see more!