Most Surprising Facts From QI

BuzzFeed wrote an article with their top 23 most interesting and surprising facts they learnt from the BBC TV programme QI. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Under extreme high pressure, diamonds can be made from peanut butter.

2. Tintin is called Tantan in Japanese because Tintin is pronounced ‘Chin chin’ and means penis.

6. The Queen is the legal owner of one-sixth of the Earth’s land surface.

7. The shortest war ever fought was between Britain and Zanzibar on August 27, 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes.

10. The word ‘time’ is the most commonly used noun in English.

11. One in ten European babies is conceived in an IKEA bed.

15. In 1811, nearly a quarter of all the women in Britain were named Mary.

19. Manchester United is the most hated brand in Britain and the seventh most hated in the world.

20. The French mathematician Descartes had a theory that monkeys and apes were able to talk – but kept quiet in case they were asked to do any work.

22. It costs more to make the cardboard box that Shredded Wheat comes in than it does to make the cereal itself.

Check out the article for the rest of the list and some funny GIFs to accompany them.

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