3 Years Of Planning To Beat Sim City

This is one of the most amazing and scary games videos I have seen! Vincent Ocasla spent 3 years planning everything in Sim City 3000 down to the most minute of details in order to build the biggest city possible within the rules and code of the game! 3 years! Of planning and testing! This guy is crazy and a genius, though those two things can normally go hand-in-hand!

Vice: I think most people’s natural inclination after watching your video would be awe, followed by fear.
Vincent: I am in agreement. That was part of the intent of the video, for those that know, play, and love the game.

Not to presume you didn’t have fun building and developing Magnasanti, but your approach to Sim City doesn’t seem like you really treat it as a game anymore.
For me, SimCity 3000 is more than just a game. It has evolved to become a tool or medium for artistic self-expression. While most games today are focused on destroying things and killing other players, Sim City instead allows one to exercise the imagination to create, and express. Many people say, “Oh, it’s just a game!” But they are mistaken.

Why did it take a year-and-a-half just to complete the theory behind Magnasanti?
During the planning stage of the city I was also busy constructing other large-scale cities, which laid out much of the theory for Magnasanti. New ways of doing things were not yet developed until experiments were done within the game to verify ideas, and notes had to be taken down in conjunction with each new experiment, as well as devising new experiments to find out if there were better ways of solving the problem. Building cities and doing in-game experiments to obtain the results desired takes time. Additionally, I had other things to do, and only worked on it in my spare time, so it was a gradual development, not something I was working on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do you play any other games apart from Sim City? I hate to imagine what you would do to a family in The Sims.
I used to play other games back in my school days such as Populous, Age of Empires and a few MMORPGs like Galactic Conquest. As for The Sims, I enjoyed that too, although sims usually turn insane and die horribly under my hands after a few minutes. As of today, I no longer play such games. I really don’t see the point anymore.

Anything else you’d like to add?
If anyone’s wondering, I am not autistic, or a savant, nor suffer from OCD, or suffer from any other form of clinical mental disease or illness for that matter.

Check out the full interview over on Vice.com.


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