Last Of Us All Of The Cut-Scenes

As you can tell by my last few posts I LOVED playing The Last Of Us! The art is beautiful, the storytelling is amazing, the voice acting is incredible and the gameplay is pretty good. It’s up there in my top 10 all time games list, possibly the top 5 and is a MUST-PLAY for every gamer! It took me about 18hours on Hard mode and I would recommend most gamers play on this, as it wasn’t too hard- there were only 3-4 points in the game where I kept on dieing and having to redo over and over.

If you cannot afford a PS3 or won’t be playing it for some reason then here is a treat for you, you can enjoy the beauty of the game and the amazing storytelling by watching all of the cut-scenes in this movie. I definitely recommend you watch it if you don’t intend to play it as the main thing I thought whilst I was playing the game is that it would make an amazing film/book. I haven’t watched them through in order like this as I’ve seen them all in game and am going to play through it another couple of times anyway, but hopefully the story will come across well.


(If there is a problem with these cut-scenes or the link to this there are another couple of versions on YouTube, this was the first 1080p version I found)


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