100 New Screenshots From Smash Bros Wii U


Over 100 new screenshots of the new Smash Bros for the Wii U have been released, showing some of the new characters and the improved models of the old characters. It does look better than the Wii version but you can clearly see the limitations of the non-next-gen Wii U as there are some extremely low-poly models shown in these shots- especially in the floor/environment and even in some of the characters. Obviously Smash Bros is all about fast-paced mayhem so some of the low-poly edges won’t be noticed when playing but still, as a massive Smash Bros fan, its quite depressing to see this game looking so limited already 😦

Check out the article on Kotaku for the rest of the images and to see these at a higher resolution (which shows how low-poly it is even more!).

Or check out the reveal trailer here.

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