12 Hardest Games Ever Made

Iain Wilson has written an article on CVG naming his ‘Hardest Games Ever Made’. It’s an interesting list containing some classic games but I cannot see how he has managed to miss Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link from the list! That game is basically impossible, even when you follow a walk-through!

Some of the games on his list include:

Ghosts ‘n Goblins- although this un-dieing run through shows it can be done!

It’s sequal Ghouls ‘n Ghosts was also incredibly hard and one of my favorite games when I was growing up

Rare’s Battletoads is also on the list, which I am ashamed to say I am yet to play through properly even though I work for them!

Also featured is Discworld, which I definitely want to try as I am listening through the audio book series

And one final game I would add to the list is Myst. Although you cannot die in the game some of the puzzles are impossibly hard without a walk-through. It’s such a brilliant game as well!

Check out all 12 games on the list over on CVG.


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