My E3 Highlights So Far

There were some obvious games that stood out at E3 to me, that I already knew would impress me, but then there were some that completely took me by surprise and wowed me.


Plants Vs Zombies- Garden Warfare, it looks very much in the style of Team Fortress 2 and definitely a game I will try:

Titan Fall, the gameplay and graphics look really good:

Metal Gear Solid V, the lighting looks amazing!:

Sunset Overdrive, I just hope the actual gameplay keeps this strong style and looks nearly as good!:

Games I knew I would enjoy-

Destiny, its made by Bungie, they would have to do something amazingly wrong to screw this game up! Looks like a nice mix of Halo and Star Wars. Was a bit of a coup by Sony to get them to show at their keynote!:

Ryse, as a Crytek game this was always going to look good. Got some friends working on it and they are doing a great job!:

Watch Dogs. part of this trailer look unbelievable!:

Kinect Sports: Rivals, obviously I have to put the game I’m working on in this list and it does look good so why not!:


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