Sushi Is Amazing! Donuts Are Amazing! How About Sushi Donuts?!


I want these now! Simple! Mister Donut from Thailand has done an amazing job in creating these and I bet they sell like hot cakes! As amazing as Thailand is it’s a shame you have to go all the way there to get these, they should sell them in the UK!

Check out the Kotaku article for more images.

Insane Car Physics Simulation

This car physics simulation from the developers at beamNG is simply incredible! The amount of detail in the models and the way they destruct is amazing. The only thing that caught my eye at being odd was how long it took for some of the wheels to come off, but the rest looks insane!

Check the original, short, article on Kotaku.

And here is an older one they created:

Interview With Smash Bros Creator Sakurai

Kotaku speak to Kirby and Super Smash Brothers creator Masahiro Sakurai about the next installment of Smash Bros coming to the Wii U and 3DS. Here are some of my highlights from the interview:

Kotaku: My first question is, what is the process like for deciding which characters in a Smash Bros. game to include and which to cut from game to game?

Sakurai: The first thing is to take an idea. For example, imagine a game and characters within that game. Take a character such as the villager in Animal Crossing. The next process is think about that character’s role in their game and then the structure of the game we’re making. How do those work together with each other? What kind of interesting things can you do within the structure of the game? And then if you were to actually implement that character, how would the end result be, how it works with other elements of the game?

An important thing is that the characters stand out from one another—for instance, we might wanna be able to take characters that aren’t typically combat-based characters. So you might have a sword-based character, but other characters are not necessarily going to [have swords]. You’re not gonna wanna focus on that sort of element, just so there’s a distinction between all of the other combat-based characters.

They have to have something really unique that makes them stand apart from other characters in the game, and not limit yourself to characters that are just combat-based.

Kotaku: And you can also—on the 3DS version—play against people playing the Wii U version?

Sakurai: Actually, that’s not possible. What is possible is for you to be able to customize your character, transfer it to the Wii U, and then play there. It would be technically impossible, just because the stages are so different between the two versions, so there isn’t a situation where you have a handheld device and a console and you’re able to play at the same time. Just more of a situation where there’s integration, and [ability] to transfer data.

Kotaku: How do you manage to make each character still feel strong and still feel like they can be competitive with the rest of the characters, even with all those positional factors?

Sakurai: Yeah, if it was just a flat playing surface, it would be one thing, and you could determine pretty quickly which was the stronger character. But given the circumstances of the series, and there are so many factors, it comes down to a quite simple process, where you give characters a special—something special that no other character has. A special technique. And at the same time, as that ratchets up their strength, you also have to take something away, so it becomes a sort of game of checks and balances where you’re adding and removing.

So again, it’s very important to have that system of checks and balances where if a character has some very strong point, you have to give him something weak. If a person really likes that character, and they want to have that special strength, they’re going to have to sacrifice something to be able to take that weakness and create sort of a balance in that sense, where each character has something that certain people like.

Kotaku: Do you feel like there were flaws or weaknesses in Smash Bros. Brawl that you want to make better, or fix, or learn from for the new Smash Bros. games?

Sakurai: I would consider the changes that we’re making this time around not as fixes, but that we’re changing the direction. And so the vision for the overall balance of the game inSmash Bros. Melee, it was sort of more focused towards more hardcore players. Then when it came around to making Brawl, this was a game that was targeting a Wii audience where there were a lot of beginner players, so it sort of leaned a little bit more in that direction. So now, for this time around, we’re sort of aiming for something that is in between those as far as the speed of the game. Because I don’t really think this time we’re in a situation where we’re trying to accommodate that many new players like we did last time.

Check out the whole article over on Kotaku.

Real-Life Character References For Disney



Disney used a lot of footage of real-life actors as reference for their animated films, even using them to trace over animations in some cases. Some of these live-action and final animation shots have been Photoshopped into images to show the similarities side-by-side.

They also referenced their own animated films when creating ‘new’ ones, with some of the scenes looking almost identicle you can see that they traced over many of the elements to quickly sketch out the initial scene.

I saw these images in a really interesting article over on where there are many more images and more detailed information. Head over there to read this great article for yourself.

Atlas Of True Names



These are great atlases that show the historical meanings of the names of places around the world. My birth place changes from Reading, British Isles (England) to Place of the Red One’s People, Isles Of The Tattooed, which sounds much cooler!

The Atlas of True Names reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings,
of the familiar terms on today’s maps of the World, Europe, the British Isles, Canada and the United States.

For instance, where you would normally expect to see the Sahara indicated,
the Atlas gives you “The Tawny One”, derived from Arab. es-sahra “the fawn coloured, desert”.

The ‘True Names’ of 3000 cities, countries, rivers, oceans and mountain ranges
are displayed on these four fascinating maps,
each of which includes a comprehensive index of derivations.
Etymology, (OGr. etymon “true sense” and logos “speech, oration, discourse, word”)
is the study of the origin and history of words.

For the first time, the Atlas of True Names uses etymology to give us an unusual insight
into familiar geographical names – with intriguing results……

Once the names have been taken back to their roots and translated into English,
it is immediately apparent that our world has an extraordinary affinity with Middle Earth,
the mythical continent where the events of Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ are played out.

Middle Earth’s evocative “Midgewater”, “Dead Marshes” and “Mount Doom”
are strikingly similar in nature to Europe’s “Swirlwater”, “Darkford” or “Smoky Bay”,
as revealed by the Atlas of True Names.

Many geographical names are clearly rooted in Man’s observation of his natural environment;
the physical location of a settlement: “At the Foot of the Mountain” – Piedmont,
the character of an important water course: “The Gentle One” – The Seine
or even just the local vegetation: “Under the Oaks” – Potsdam.

Unsurprisingly, countries and landscapes
often derive their names from the characteristics
of the people who lived there: “Great Land of the Tattooed” – Great Britain,
whilst local mythology and regional rulers also frequently leave their legacy:
“Isle of the Monster’s Eye” – Peleponnese or “Illustrious Emperor” – Zaragoza.

Sometimes, it is impossible to deny the force of the Roman proverb
‘nomen est omen’.
For instance Grozny – the Chechnyan capital which,
over the last years, has been destroyed in so many wars,
– translates as “The Fearsome”.

The Atlas of True Names restores an element of enchantment
to the world we all think we know so well.
It takes the reader on a journey into the unknown –
a unique exploration of uncharted territory
in that familiar place we all know as ‘home’.

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A New Lease Of Life For An Old Amusement Park


What happens to abandoned amusement parks? They either stand empty, are dismantled or in this case they are crushed into a 4 tonne cube! What a brilliant idea and a great piece of art.

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