Minimalistic Film Posters



Michal Kranopolski has created some clever minimalistic film posters from some classic films. It really is surprising how much information and emotion you can show from just a couple of simple lines.

Check out more posters over on his website.

Also check out the original article from CreativeBloq which has more information.

One Day To Go Until The Xbox Is Announced!

In 21 hours time the next Xbox will be announced and the revolution of the next generation will begin! Make sure you watch the event streamed online and on Xbox Live so you don’t miss out!
I can’t wait for it at work, we are having a party with pizza, drink and the event shown on big screens!

Exciting times!

5G Phone Networks Are Coming!… In 2020

Most people still barely get good 3G signals in the UK let alone switching over to 4G, but now Samsung have done tests for 5G which is 100x the speed of 4G, allowing you to get transfer speeds of 1GBps! They say this will arrive around the year 2020 but with the way the UK lags behind with everything to do with the internet I’m sure it will be many years after that until it is actually widely usable here- considering many people currently struggle to even get a stable 5MBps internet speed in their homes


Samsung has developed 5G mobile technology which could let users download a film to their phone in just one second.

The electronics giant claims it is “several hundred times faster” than current 4G services and will allow users to send massive data “practically without limitation”.

“As a result, subscribers will be able to enjoy a wide range of services such as 3D movies and games, real-time streaming of ultra high-definition (UHD) content, and remote medical services,” the company said on its blog.

Unfortunately for smartphone fans, the technology is still early in its development phase with Samsung saying it is unlikely to appear in a handset before 2020.

Customers using 4G services – currently provided in the UK by EE – get average speeds of between eight and 12 megabits per second (Mbps), with some cities to be boosted to 20Mbps this summer.

Other UK networks are preparing to launch their own 4G services.

However, Samsung’s research puts those speeds in the shade and offers a glimpse of a future where data arrives almost instantly.

Its 5G tests, using “adaptive array transceiver technology”, gave speeds of “up to 1.056 gigabytes (Gbps)” – but only over a distance of two kilometres.

The South Korean firm, the world’s top smartphone maker, hopes its work will prompt other groups to step up their own 5G research.

China set up a government-led 5G research group in 2012, while the European Commission is also lining up millions of euros of funding into the technology.

Check out the full story over on Sky News.

Portraits Of People Being Blown By A Leaf Blower



These are some crazy portraits of people being blown by a leaf blower, giving some quite disgusting results!

Last week, visitors to the TADAO CERN studio were invited to participate in a crazy photo shoot where Lithuanian photographer Tadas Černiauskas aimed a powerful leaf blower at their faces creating some incredibly funny facial expressions.

“Everyone (and there were more than one hundred!) who dared to stand up in front of my camera lens that evening will remember this photo shoot for a long time and have an extraordinary photo in his album,” said Tadas Černiauskas.

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