Pirates Fight Back, In The Kindest Way Possible!



This is brilliant! I REALLY dislike it when people pirate games, software, films, etc. It’s just as much stealing as taking a car from the street! The only exceptions I have is that if; it is a game you have already paid for a version of (ie an old console game which you then emulate to play again), if the game cannot be played easily due to age and there are no new version (old console games again!) or if you legitimately cannot afford it by any reasonable means.

To fight back the developers of Game Dev Tycoon released a version of the game on torrent sites on the net, but put something into the game where after 2 years the company the players made goes bankrupt due to piracy!

Check out the whole article over on TorrentFreak.com.



2 responses to “Pirates Fight Back, In The Kindest Way Possible!

  1. Hahaha! Now that’s clever, and goes right after the pirates, rather than burdening the honest game buyers with DRMs. Great post!

    • Let’s just hope it inspires some of the people who pirated the game to buy it, rather than making them get a full working version hacked instead!

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